The Best MMA Gloves – Top Picks for 2023

The Best MMA Gloves

The best MMA gloves do more than just improve your striking and gripping performance. They are designed to handle the extremities of this sport while ensuring you are less susceptible to career-ending injuries. So, if you don’t joke with your safety, here are top combat gloves for utmost protection. Recommended ProductsObjectPriceCombat Sports Max Strike MMA Training GlovesBest …

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The 15 Best Boxing Gloves (2023) – According to a Coach

The Best Boxing Gloves

Not everyone wants to land punches powerful enough to reel their opponent. Some people are in the strike class at the gym to improve their reflexes, build endurance or release some pent-up anger. Regardless of your reason, investing in the right pair of boxing gloves is essential. Driving punches without the proper protective gloves can quickly …

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The Best Boxing Headgear – Coach’s Top Picks 2023

Best Boxing Headgear

Protecting your face and head from bruises, cuts, and other injuries is paramount whether you are a beginner or an avid boxer. Except you are a big fan of brain damage and skull fractures. If not, using a headgear during intense sparring is imperative. With so many options available, choosing the best boxing headgear for maximum …

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The Best Boxing Shoes Offering Superior Support, Speed, Mobility

The Best Boxing Shoes

Footwork is crucial in boxing, as it allows quick, agile movements to outmaneuver opponents. Although basic cross-training shoes may suffice in the beginning, their lack of proper traction can lead to injuries and discomfort during more advanced training. Thus, top boxing coaches recommend investing in high-quality, specialized boxing shoes to prevent these issues and enhance …

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