Best Mouthguard For Boxing, MMA – Coach’s Top Picks 2023

About five years ago, I was sparring in preparation for a competition, and an uppercut caught me off guard. The pain was unforgettable and one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. I had to pay an exorbitant price for dental repairs, as the damage to my incisors was severe and ugly.

Therefore, it's essential to understand that these dental injuries can happen at any time. That's why wearing the appropriate mouthguard is a non-negotiable practice in combat sports.

So, here are the top 9 best mouthguards for boxing, MMA, and other combat sports to save you from the financial and physical pain of a broken tooth or jaw.

The Best Mouthguard For Boxing, MMA

Our winner is the OPRO Instant Custom-Fit Mouthguard, the most recommended mouthpiece for amateur and professional athletes. With its dentist-grade Custom Fit construction and extra layers of cushioning, this equipment offers an astounding amount of teeth and jaw protection.

Whether it's Muay Thai or boxing, this mouthpiece stays secure. Its streamlined design and unique anatomical fins provide extra dental security and enhanced comfort like no other. I also love its specially shaped palate, which allows smooth, easy breathing and natural conversion.

Unlike the Platinum and Bronze UFC, this Power-Fit version comes with a triple layer of advanced ultra-impact resistance for superior shock absorbency.

Comfort-wise, this self-fit mouthguard is peerless, thanks to its newly-improved, data-driven Fin Technology. It's made with hi-flow gel materials, which softens when immersed in hot water to allow you to bite down for a perfect gnashers shield. Also, the cage fitting system puts this product ahead of the competition.

Although some customers complain about the self-fit system, it's essential to follow the instructions to ensure it comes out perfectly.

So, if you are tired of spending your hard-earned dough that never seems to stay in place no matter what you do, then it's time you try out the FAN-TAS-TIC Power-Fit from this global-leading brand, OPRO. You'll be satisfied with its comfort, fit, and oral protection; if not, the manufacturer offers a comprehensive 18-month warranty.


  • Incredible fin design for next-level comfort
  • Backed a generous warranty period
  • Reasonable price point
  • The mouthpiece and the case have silver ion technology for zero bacteria growth.


  • Self-fitting this mouthguard requires extra caution.

Overall of Best Mouthguard For Boxing, MMA

OPRO Instant Custom-Fit Mouthguard

Taking our second spot is the Venum Challenger Mouthguard, with its advanced gel frame offering numerous perks, especially and particularly exceptional comfort and superior oral protection.

With over tens of thousands of sales, the Venum Challenger Mouthguard is second to none - at least for its price. It features a high-density rubber frame to help avoid catastrophic dental damage during sparring sessions.

Unlike most competitors, this remarkable gnashers shield features an exclusive breathing channel. Thus, making it super comfortable to wear for a prolonged period while improving your performance.

While aesthetics has nothing to do with the oral protection a mouthguard delivers, it's good to have this product in 10 exciting hues to match your personal style. Another welcomed feature of the best-selling Venum Challenger Mouthguard is the protective sanitary case, which protects your piece from bacteria and guarantees a longer service life.

However, it comes short when compared to the OPRO Instant Custom-Fit's remarkable grip on the teeth. This mouthpiece tends to fall out, which makes it a poor choice for people in sports like football, where you need to communicate.

Nonetheless, you will get plenty of oral protection to protect your nice pearly teeth. Since 2014, it has remained one of the best mouthguards for boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai. So, purchasing the Venum Challenger Mouthguard is a wise decision if you are not looking to put a dent in your wallet or gasp for air during a fight.


  • Outstanding craftsmanship
  • Numerous color options for a stylish appeal
  • Exceptional jaw and teeth protection


  • It takes a while to acclimate to this equipment

The Nxtrnd Rush Mouth Guard comes with many bragging rights and has made its way into many gym bags as the ultimate mouth protector. This 2019 best seller takes great pride in its SoftGel liner and Hardened Shell, resulting in a great mid-sized solid mouthpiece offering superior professional protection.

The molding process is one of the simplest I've ever come across. Once you are done, this primed shock-absorbing guard snaps into place and is easily adjusted for the utmost protection and comfort. Hundreds of customers love its exceptionally lightweight design and snug fit, which gives the much-desired level of comfort while also allowing for ease of speech.

To ensure optimal breathing, I'm elated that the manufacturer brilliantly equips this guard with a cutting-edge Under-Carriage Channel System to foster and improve airflow for better athleticism. The upshot? Less pressure on your teeth and gum and reduced fatigue during prolonged training sessions.

Given its affordable price, you'll be amazed at the high level of impact absorption offered by this mouthguard. Despite its low cost, it has several top-shelf features and premium quality you'd expect on only exuberant models, making it a S-T-E-A-L. If you're looking to try other cheap alternatives, be prepared to struggle with the molding and fit process.


  • Excellent durability, thanks to its hardened exterior
  • Exceptional comfy support, including back teeth and lower jaw
  • Easy molding process


  • It does not come with a well-secured case

The American brand, SISU, is well renowned for its innovative lines of products, and this product is no different. The SISU Max is immaculate for boxers seeking a slimmer mouthguard without sacrificing unbeatable protection.

Let me say this clearly, if you love the comfort and feel of a chunkier oral armor; you would be better off with other models.

The manufacturer intends to revolutionize protective combat gear, and many athletes believe they have done it with the slim SISU Max. It's only 2.4 mm thick, making it 30% thinner than traditional models. This allows for easier drinking, talking, and breathing compared to many other mouthguards on the market.

For the utmost dental protection, the manufacturer is banking on the leading-edge high-tech thermoplastic material called Aero, which is more robust, more durable, and has more tensile strength than typical materials.

That's not the best thing; SISU still equips the protective gear with one-of-a-kind Diffusix Technology to further assist with diffusing the absorbed impact to safeguard your teeth and jaw from direct blows.

This mouthpiece, made in the USA, is built with unconventional materials and state-of-the-art technologies. That's why it's most recommended for high-impact sports, where getting struck to the face can lead to severe dental damage.


  • Compatible with braces
  • Allows optimal breathing and talking
  • Excellent dental protection


  • Molding can be a bit challenging, even with detailed instruction
  • It might be too thin for some avid boxers

The SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard Slim Fit is another in-demand equipment with thousands of sales and pleased athletes. This small equipment is like no other, especially with its pre-formed jaw protection base and ultra-slim design for a superb fit.

This first-class dental guard features cutting-edge fluid-fit technology, allowing this gear to fit securely inside your mouth. It's one of the few options that rarely moves or needs adjustment during a match or training session.

As mentioned earlier, it rocks a unique feature called JawSecure, which is basically a pre-formed base to offer unparalleled jaw protection against ruthless strikes. Furthermore, it comes in an interior ultra-slim profile similar to the SISU Max 2.4mm Sports Mouth Guard for minimal interference. This means no more annoying gags or shortness of breath while in a serious tournament.

Another favorite feature of the SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard Slim Fit is its re-moldability. So, if you don't get it right the first time. Don't FRET! You can always remold it multiple times until you find the ideal fit for a comfortable and natural wearing experience.


  • Easy to achieve the perfect fit
  • Available in a wide range of color options
  • Has an improved jaw impact protection
  • An ideal choice for gaggers


  • Instructions could be more details

Next up is the GuardLab APEX Mouthguard, which comes with a higher price tag than other options due to its exceptional accuracy and outstanding comfort. This premium guard is made with the most scientifically advanced technologies, like 3D printing, to deliver the promised results.

It's available in various brilliant, top-quality designs, from country flags to cosmos, animal stripes, gold fangs, and more to match your athletic persona and reinforce your identity.

More so, it's the most innovative boil-and-bite guard I've come across. It features a pre-indented bite pattern, which means no more annoying guesswork on where exactly to bite down hard. Thus, it significantly improves the fitting accuracy for unmatched comfort.

Unlike my previous mouthpiece, made of thin plastic, the APEX mouthguard features a soft rubber material that is super comfortable to bite. Many customers are happy with the added benefit of being able to easily trim the rear corners for a customized fit with a pair of scissors.


  • Easy to achieve the perfect fit
  • Low profile for no-front-bulging appearance
  • Thick and durable construction


  • It's crucial to pick the correct size. Else, it might be too big or too small.

Suppose you are in the market for the best mouthguard that perfectly combines dental protection with stylish designs. In that case, the DAMAGE CONTROL High-Impact Mouth Guard won't disappoint you.

Equipped with the top-of-the-line Damprotech technology, the manufacturer says it has almost twice the shock absorbency of most sports mouthguards flooding the market. However, it's not as protective as the OPRO Power-Fit and Venum Challenger Mouthguard; it's suitable for BJJ rolling and light sparring.

Despite being thicker at 3 mm, this mouthguard still offers a natural breathing and speaking experience while allowing for easier drinking. Thus, you should expect a bulging appearance which is excellent considering you want that playful design to be apparent.

DAMAGE CONTROL High Impact Mouth Guard should be top of your wishlist if you want a lot of attention at the gym and need decent protection against accidental hits.


  • Noticeable eye-catching designs
  • Backed by a dental warranty
  • Thick mouthguard


  • The designs are not durable and tend to peel
  • Not ideal for heavy punches

For avid boxers you want to avoid those boil-and-bite guards and level up your game with custom-fitted, professional-grade mouthpieces like Impact Mouthguard Boxing. The manufacturer sends an easy-to-use-at-home teeth impression kit to ensure the mouthguard fits perfectly for utmost dental protection.

Aside from the 100% perfect fit guaranteed, the Impact Mouthguard Boxing features a unique design to support optimal airflow, stay hydrated, communicate clearly, and breathe naturally.

This dental guard is about 6 - 7 mm thick because of its multi-layered heavy-impact construction for one of the best shock absorbencies you can ever expect from these oral protectors.


  • Offers professional-level dental protection
  • Provides the most secure and comfortable experience
  • Made in the USA


  • On the pricey side

The FIGHTR® Premium Mouth Guard is arguably the most affordable mouthguard that still delivers exceptional dental protection. This product has a slim profile to ensure it's mouth-friendly and doesn't get in your way during training or competition.

Unlike other cheap options flooding the market, this product features a two-layer system to help absorb and diffuse the impact for minimal effect on your teeth and jaw.

Another special thing about this gum shield is its quick molding process, which takes half the time of the typical mouth guard. The instructions are concise and easy to understand and follow.

However, the manufacturer included a breathable storage box. This is a win for me as I love to keep a gear that goes into my mouth for an extended period hygienic and safe.


  • Lifelong warranty
  • Mouth-friendly design
  • Excellent grip


  • Limited color options

How to choose the best mouthguard for boxing?


It's vital that you choose a gum shield that fits securely and feels natural. Else, you might feel like you are suffocating or choking yourself. The best mouthguard for boxing, MMA, and other combat sports would support your jaw in its natural position without stressing your neck or mouth muscles.

More importantly, choosing a mouthguard that does not cause excessive salivation would be best. The wrong choice of mouthguard can lead to jaw tension, negatively affecting other body parts and overall performance.


Mouthpieces are designed for dental protection. The rigid nature of this equipment helps protect your teeth from direct impact. However, they also help align your upper and lower jaws for oral protection. Additionally, the best bite guard should come with at least two layers of impact-resistant materials for better shock absorbency.


As mentioned earlier, the right choice should fit snugly and comfortably. Products like OPRO Power-Fit and SISU Max almost stay on unnoticed. It can be counterproductive to wear a mouthguard that's nearly impossible to breathe with. Some guards are covered with breathing holes, while others might have channels for optimal breathing.

Custom or Boil-and-bite?

Most custom models are only available in a single option. If you want to protect your top and low row of teeth, you have a better chance of doing so with a boil-&-bite mouthpiece.

In terms of convenience, boil-and-bite models are readily available. They can be molded in the right fit in less than 10 minutes. On the flip, custom mouthguards require patience, as you have to get an appointment. The whole process usually takes weeks. What if it doesn't fit snugly? You can't boil and bite them to remold them into the right fit.


1. Do professional boxers wear mouthguards?

During the competition, professional boxers must wear protective gear, which includes mouthguards. However, some fighters might ignore this essential practice during sparring or training.

2. What happens if you don't wear a mouthguard?

A direct hit to the face, without a gum shield, can lead to a broken tooth, jaw injuries, and, worse, concussions.

3. What mouthguard does Mayweather use?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was a big fan of custom-fitted mouthguards. It's usually designed to his luxurious taste and costs thousands of dollars. However, the exact model is still unknown. Still, he doesn't miss a chance to flaunt his expensive yet super protective mouthguard safeguarding his pearly white rows of teeth.

4. What mouthguard does Lebron use?

LeBron James, the famous professional basketball player, has been seen wearing a mouthguard to protect him from accidental hits. But there's little to no information about the type or exact brand of gum shield he wears.

5. Can you talk with a mouthguard on boxing?

Not all mouthguards are comfortable enough for you to talk or even yell without falling off. So, it's crucial to consider models designed with good grip and breathability when shopping for the best mouthguard for boxing, MMA, and other full-contact sport.


Regardless of your experience in any thrilling ring sport, it's essential to wear a gum shield to avoid costly dental injuries. There are hundreds of options, but you don't have to waste money purchasing as many as you can until you find the right one.

I've recommended the top 9 best mouthguards for boxing, MMA, and other martial arts sought after for their high level of dental protection and comfortable wearing experience, even during prolonged sessions.

But when shopping for this protective gear, you'll have to make several decisions, such as custom or boil-and-bite mouthguard. Hence, check out the detailed buying guide to ensure you are making an informed decision to avoid spending nearly a fortune to fix your smile.

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