The Best Boxing Shoes Offering Superior Support, Speed, Mobility

Footwork is crucial in boxing, as it allows quick, agile movements to outmaneuver opponents. Although basic cross-training shoes may suffice in the beginning, their lack of proper traction can lead to injuries and discomfort during more advanced training. Thus, top boxing coaches recommend investing in high-quality, specialized boxing shoes to prevent these issues and enhance performance.

But with many options and numerous factors to consider, choosing the right one can be a daunting process. However, here are the best boxing shoes offering superior support, speed, and mobility for elite boxing performance.

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Best boxing shoe for training

Best boxing shoe for beginners

The Best Boxing Shoes List

1. Best Overall - Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

The Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes is the most recommended boxing boot out there. And, it's not topping this list because Deontay Wilder, Terrence Crawford, and other top professional boxers wear them.

This combat shoe comes with all the signatures of a high-end boxing boot and features an innovative hybrid design. For the price of one, you've got footwear for boxing and gym workout.

Though it may not be as lightweight as the Nike Men's Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes or Adidas Unisex-Adult Combat Speed.5 Wrestling Shoe, this combat shoe offers ample flexibility and mobility to accommodate various styles, particularly those that involve a lot of movement and pivots.

Despite its heavier structure, the Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes compensate with the most fantastic ankle support and grip to feel snug in them. Thanks to its plush cushioned sole, you can engage in high-impact workouts and rigorous training sessions with nearly ZERO risk of injuries.

On top of that, this high-performance combat boot comes at a reasonable price - no need to break the bank for a supportive and responsive boxing shoe. Plus, it features its newly-improved mesh fabric that delivers unparalleled breathability for better airflow and a blister-free experience.

Suppose you are looking for a product that can handle numerous boxing-related exercises, from sparring to box jumps. You should purchase the Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes, except if you love blisters.


  • Removable insoles to support already-owned orthotics for extra arch support.
  • Versatile shoe suited for various intense training and gym workouts
  • Additional velcro ankle strap and heel cup for superior stability


  • It has a narrow design that can be uncomfortable with wide feet.

Best boxing shoe for training

Initially, these combat boots were meant for wrestlers looking to score every point possible. However, with HyperKO no longer available on Nike's official website, the Nike Men's Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes has been the go-to for the best boxing shoes for training.

This product comes with all the perks, from an effective velcro lace management system to a super breathable mesh upper to be your best training pal.

Out of the box, the Nike Men's Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes feel lighter, but more noticeable is its upper, which features a uniquely perfect blend of mesh, synthetics, and leather. This reinforced design improves foot health, removes the awful odor, and fosters comfortable movement during rigorous training.

Unlike its competitors, this training boxing shoe has a best-in-class velcro lace management system to hold the laces in place for uninterrupted sparring sessions. In addition, it delivers exceptional support for the foot. It can withstand the intense demands of even the most powerful boxers.

Another remarkable feature of the Nike Men's Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes is the gum rubber outsole. It guarantees a slip-free training experience on any surface - even on marble and polished concrete.

While this shoe costs twice as much as the Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes, it's built to handle the rigor of quotidian training without wearing and tearing.

In short, these Nike boxing shoes are your best bet for improving your footwork and agility during training. No product comes closer.


  • Equipped with a forefoot strap for a snug fit and support quick movement
  • Breathable mesh upper combined with leather and synthetic for the most comfortable boxing experience
  • Premium gum rubber outsole offering exceptional traction for elite performance


  • It's pricey, considering it's best suited for training only.

Best boxing shoe for training

Nike Men's Inflict 3

Best boxing shoe for beginners

The classic, sock-like Speed 5 is the best boxing shoe for beginners. This pair has remained a standard in this boxing arena for its outstanding versatility.

This unisex combat boot allows you to do more with it for about the same price as the Nike Men's Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes. It's not limited to training and workout alone. These multi-functional shoes offer the right support, comfort, and stability for beginners to outperform and outmaneuver their opponents.

The Adidas Combat Speed brilliantly combines synthetic and textile for well-ventilated footwear. It keeps sweating at bay, which is a potential cause of awful smells and blisters.

Also, the sole features industry-standard one-piece flexible rubber to provide enough traction for slipping, sliding, pivoting, and moving around the ring with maximum control and stability.

What else? I love the elastic ankle strap that comes in handy for creating a personalized tightness that keeps your feet super stable. Plus, it delivers much-needed support to your ankle to make pain-free, quick, and precise movements.

The Adidas Combat Speed 5 Wrestling Shoe is a decent choice when it comes to value for money. While it doesn't come cheap, you won't have to worry about purchasing new boxing shoes after every intense training or lost match.


  • Impeccable ankle support system
  • Superb versatility to engage in any workouts
  • Lightweight and unbelievably comfortable for massive results


  • It doesn't look like anything of this century

Best men boxing shoe

When it comes to the best mens boxing shoes, the Matflex 6 is up there with the favorite Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes. Why not? It features high-grade breathable fabric to negate the adverse effect of sweating on your game.

And, to hold its structure in place, this Japanese manufacturer placed synthetic overlays in the most critical areas δΈ€ toe box, midfoot, lace, and heel. Also, the state-of-the-art stitching offers EXTRA reinforcement and support to these vital areas prone to gross levels of wear and stress.

That's not all; the Matflex 6 sports a traditional lace-up design. Although it's more challenging to use than the newer designs - slip-on or velcro, it has some exciting perks. Aside from its iconic and well-known classic look, this older design allows boxers to adjust the comfort and support level to their preferred level.

Another area in which this boxing shoe outclasses its competitors is its incredibly supportive high-top silhouette. It's slightly higher than the ankle. Thus, offering maximum protection from injury and impact. The best part is it doesn't restrict movement and flexibility, which is vital to making surprising attacks or stepping out of one.

It features the latest full-length texture rubber outsole to offer one of the best traction on any mat, from foam to puzzle mats. Plus, it has pivot points, essential for quick and precise movement in the ring. With both features combined, you can easily register that win you haven't had in a long time or establish your dominance in the game.

The Matflex 6 may not be as visually appealing as the Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes; however, it offers exceptional value in terms of price, support, comfort, and traction, making it a worthy rival to consider.

So, if you need game-changing boxing shoes without spending all of your savings, you can't go wrong with the ASICS Men's Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes.


  • Open and lightweight mesh uppers to promote better airflow
  • Low-profile design for unmatched responsiveness and flexibility
  • Super comfortable to wear for long, intense training, thanks to its lightly padded tongue and collar.


  • These shoes run narrower

Best low-top boxing shoe

Another spot, another Everlast boxing shoe boasting powerful traction for beginners and professional boxers alike. This Michelin-made sole packs good traction to allow you to stop and pivot immediately without slightly sliding, as often experienced with poor-quality shoes.

These best low-top boxing shoes provide boxers with more foot freedom, which is essential for quick movement and better footwork. While it's super light, your agility and speed won't suffer. Plus, it's an excellent choice for avid boxers with narrow feet or who want a better fit around the ankle.

The hallmark of the Everlast PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes is its improved cross-training design, like our top choice. It delivers rivalry performance in the ring or gym, thanks to its ultra-thick sole. Hence, it's an excellent choice for individuals who frequently switch between boxing and other intense workout sessions.

This hybrid boxing shoe combines suede, microfiber, and open weave mesh to ensure the utmost comfort, speed, and durability. Plus, it has a more appealing appearance compared to the basic design of the Adidas Unisex-Adult Combat Speed.5 combat shoe.


  • Thick sole for excellent traction on any ring canvas
  • Unique design featuring breathable mesh to keep your feet cool and stable in the shoe
  • Suitable for cross training


  • Weak ankle support

Best low-top boxing shoe

Everlast PIVT

Best boxing shoe for wide feet

The Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe is one of the few options that run wide to accommodate avid boxers with long toes and wide feet. This true-to-size combat shoe takes away the hassle of second-guessing your size options.

That's one of many interesting things about these best boxing shoes for wide feet. The Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe features a custom slim rubber outsole delivering tremendous stability, traction, and protection. The upshot? Boxers can tap into explosive agility, plant their feet to the ring mat better, and execute powerful techniques with utmost precision.

The Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe is one of the few options that run wide to accommodate avid boxers with long toes and wide feet. This true-to-size combat shoe takes away the hassle of second-guessing your size options.

That's one of many interesting things about these best boxing shoes for wide feet. The Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe features a custom slim rubber outsole delivering tremendous stability, traction, and protection. The upshot? Boxers can tap into explosive agility, plant their feet to the ring mat better, and execute powerful techniques with utmost precision.

The rubber outsole doubles as an excellent shock absorber for maximum joint protection during long, intense sparring or workout sessions. While it comes with a slim outsole that feels barefoot, it can be quite heavy. After 1 - 2 hours in them, you might start dragging your feet.

In addition, the shoes, like any best combat shoes, feature microfiber leather and mesh to keep your feet dry and cool. However, the mesh running from the toe box up the lace performs woefully. Heat builds up and becomes uncomfortable as the sparring session gets more intense and extended.


  • It runs wide for enough toe space
  • Flexible rubber outsole and a textured surface for pinpoint pivoting
  • Cushioned insole for fantastic comfort


  • The bridge tends to get very hot after a long training session.

Best Boxing Shoe for Wide Feet

Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe

Best Otomix boxing shoe

Another training shoe with a decent toe box is the Otomix Men's Warrior Shoes. It's true to size, guaranteeing a perfect fit, especially for people with wider feet. However, you might have to wear this combat boot for a couple of hours to relax the snug fit.

The Otomix Men's Warrior Shoes are genuine all-in-one combat footwear. Thanks to its high-grade rubber sole, you get plenty of traction and a firm grip that is essential for twisting, pivoting, and spinning on wrestling and gym mats. Whether you are an MMA fighter or a professional boxer, these shoes provide you with good stability and help maintain proper form for flawless technique execution.

On the downside, the breathability could be better. If you have sweaty feet, these shoes would feel uncomfortable quickly. This is because of the padding in the footwear designed to deliver the next level of comfort. It's the most comfortable boxing shoe I've ever tried, but not for sweaty foot athletes.


  • The top build quality to outlast most standard CrossFit shoes
  • Suitable for athletes with wide feets
  • Well-padded for incredible comfort


  • Poor breathability causes a lot of sweating and poor stability.

Best Women's Boxing shoe

Regarding aesthetics, no other boxing shoes come close to the Venum Unisex-Adult Elite Boxing Shoes. These combat shoes scream elegance and style, particularly their beautiful black and gold version. 

Beyond its eye-catching design is the efficient "Honeycomb" mesh offering more breathability than the Otomix Men's Warrior Shoe. It's more suited for intensive workouts and long sparring sessions without sweaty, uncomfortable feet.

Although it's unisex, the Venum Unisex-Adult Elite Boxing Shoe is one of the best women's boxing shoes on the market. The sole is well-made with tons of traction and grip that works well for powerful attacks and defensive maneuvers.

Weighing 4 pounds, these boxing shoes are pretty heavy. But the upside is they provide enough stability to maintain your footing and balance for powerful counterpunches. Also, the extra weight can attenuate the impact of punches and make your defensive technique more effective.

If you prefer an attacking style, there are better choices than the Venum Unisex-Adult Elite Boxing Shoes. It would be best to consider the lightweight Nike Men's Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes.


  • Stunning design with a classic feel
  • Rugged sole promising excellent traction and most explosive support
  • Exceptional comfortable insole for an extended pleasure training or sparring session


  • The shoes are pretty heavy and not great for quick movement.

Best Women's Boxing shoe

Venum Unisex-Adult Elite

The FISTRAGE Leather Kick Boxing Shoes are great starter sports boots. They are about half the price of the top-choice Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes. However, you wouldn't be missing out on much.

This fantastic beginner boxing shoe comes in two options: a high top for extra support and protection for the ankle or a low top for more range and breathable feet. Regardless of your choice, this product rocks only one color combination - black and red - to project you as a serious, fierce boxer. 

Also, both options feature the Cowhide Genuine Leather overlay to maintain the shoe's structural integrity. These rock-solid boxing shoes stay cool through various intensive training, thanks to their one-of-a-kind breathable mesh upper. Thus, allowing you to train longer and become a pro in a fraction of the time.

Despite its low price point, it's unbelievable that the manufacturer did not cut corners. The PU sole offers rival performance: agility and traction comparable to high-end boxing shoes like the Nike Men's Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes.

The only downside is its durability. I wish the tongue could be rugged and stop popping out after only a couple of light sparring sessions. Nonetheless, it's a great deal if you are not looking to invest much in boxing gear. The FISTRAGE Leather Kick Boxing Shoes should do.


  • It's a suitable choice for kids; the durability is right for their weight and training.
  • Excellent comfort and breathability
  • Available in two options - low top or high top


  • The tongue breaks off easily

How To Choose The Best Boxing Shoes?

Size & Fit

The right combat shoe should be flexible, lightweight, and a good fit. It's crucial that you are extremely comfortable in them, considering the long hours of intense training or sparring.

Keep in mind that there are no one-size-fits-all options. If you have wider feet, you should consider shoes with a relatively spacious toe box like the Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe. Also, the sizing for combat boots is quite different from the standard, overly padded running shoes. Measure your feet before purchasing a boxing shoe.


Another critical factor that should influence your decision is the build quality. By now, you should have figured out that boxing shoes are not created equal. However, most latest boxing shoes feature synthetic materials. Only a handful comes with leather like the extremely affordable FISTRAGE Leather Kick Boxing Shoes.

The takeaway is the more materials a boxing shoe is made of, the heavier it's. The weight is a personal preference and can depend on your boxing style. If it's defensive, you will benefit from the extra weight of a heavier shoe. For movers or attackers, you need lightweight shoes for quick and flexible movement. However, you would be sacrificing stability and adequate protection.


Combat shoes can be pricey, and the reason isn't far-fetched - limited manufacturers. On the bright side, these high-priced shoes are built to withstand the test of time. They are made with rugged materials to handle the stress of rigorous workouts and training.

Nonetheless, they are available in different price ranges. Affordable models are of good quality and serve their purpose. Still, high-priced models offer some exciting perks worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boxing Shoe

How high should boxing shoes be?

The right shoe height depends on your preference. However, shoes about 4 - 5 inches offer good ankle support and protection without fettering your range of motion.

Why are boxing shoes so flat?

Boxing shoes usually have thin and flat soles for better stability, control and balance. Also, it allows avid boxers to make quick and precise pivots to deliver powerful punches.

Can I wear running shoes for boxing?

Boxing and running shoes differ in terms of construction, design, and intended purpose. Thin, flat soles characterize combat shoes. These features allow boxers to connect with the ring canvas for stability and quick lateral movement. On the other hand, runners require lots of padding to disconnect from the terrain and support forward movement. Running shoes feature lots of cushioning detrimental to a boxer's performance.

What socks do you need to wear with boxing shoes?

There's no general rule. However, it's crucial to wear a sock offering maximum comfort and support. Also, consider one with moisture-wicking properties to promote healthy feet and inhibit blisters. Most importantly, the socks should be perforated-free and clean to avoid infection.

What shoes did Muhammad Ali wear?

Muhammad Ali once wore Adidas boxing shoes in a fight against Frazier. It was a classic-looking white boxing shoe with red stripes that made me look hungry for a KO.

What boxing shoes does Manny Pacquiao wear?

While professional boxers are free to put on whatever combat shoes that work, Manny Pacquiao enjoyed a collection from Nike. The Manny Pacquiao "Reflective" collection sports the signature, limited-edition Nike HyperKO Shield Trainer.

What shoes did Tyson use?

Throughout his career, Tyson was seen wearing leather boxing shoes with high lace. And, according to him, he never wore socks. Nonetheless, there have been several boots designed for him for explosive action.


In the end, the best boxing shoes for you hinge on your budget, skill level, foot size (wide or narrow), support level, and many more. Before making a choice, check out the detailed buying guide to ensure you are making an informed decision.

Notwithstanding, we are confident that any products reviewed in this guide will provide adequate comfort and ankle support to prevent injuries and make quick lateral movements.

Don't hesitate; try on a pair of boxing shoes today and experience the difference it makes in your training and performance.

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